Kobala open 2020

Area: Soča valley
Date: 16. 8. - 22. 8. 2020
Organization: KZ Maribor
Competition manager: Rok Kukovec
Competition manager assistant: Herman Pečevnik, Stojan Pislak
IT: Kristjan Kuščer

Launch place:

   Kobala: 1080m (N46°10.866624' E13°46.799982')
   Lijak: 582m (N45°57.816012' E13°43.398')

Landing place:

   Tolmin: 181m (N46°11.14998' E13°43.249968')
   Livešče (pod Lijakom) 65m (N45°56.832048' E13°42.702024')

Entry fee: 130 EUR (valid only in case of pre-payment over PayPal)
Transport to take off: 30 EUR (Limited No. of spaces)
Retrieval: 30 EUR (Limited No. of spaces)

Entry fee payment: PayPal payment for reduced entry fee is valid until August 10th, 2020, later on, the entry fee is 150 EUR at pilots registration on the competition
Pre-payment refund: the refund will be done only if competition will be cancelled before it even starts. The refund amount is 10 EUR.

Competition schedule

   August 16th at 17:00: Registration
   August 17th – 21st: Competition days
   August 21st evening: Closing ceremony
   August 22nd competition day and closing ceremony (only if comp is not valid yet on August 21st)

Daily schedule:

   9:00: Information on daily flying, published on News on web site and in HQ
   12:00: Pilot's briefing on the launch
   18:00: Last landing
   18:15: Report back deadline

General rules

All matters about flying are based on FAI/CIVL Sporting Code (General Section in Section 7) and Slovenian rule book for hang gliding national championships. Competition has FAI class 2 ranking (O1, Sport class), thus FAI sporting licence for an equivalent class is mandatory. The competitor is attending and competing on his own responsibility, which he/she confirms by signing a waiver provided by the organizer at registration.

Flying is on pilots own responsibility and driven by pilots own wish for flying.

Entry fee includes: Info folder, a souvenir with competition logo, lunch packet, closing ceremony, GPS data management, weather forecasts, take-off and landing fees.


   Money prizes for category top 3 overall (O1) at the end of competition has a budget of 20% of paid pilot entry fees. Medals and other practical prizes. 
   Medals for top 3 overall (O1) class and money prizes for the top 3.
   Medals for top 3 Sport class.
   Medals for Slovenian national competition class (O1)


In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us on e-mails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.