Kobala open 2020

Area: Soča valley
Date: 16. 8. - 22. 8. 2020
Organization: KZ Maribor
Competition manager: Rok Kukovec
Competition manager assistant: Stojan Pislak
IT: Kristjan Kuščer

Launch place:

   Kobala: 1080m (N46°10.866624' E13°46.799982')
   Lijak: 582m (N45°57.816012' E13°43.398')

Landing place:

   Tolmin: 181m (N46°11.14998' E13°43.249968')
   Livešče (pod Lijakom) 65m (N45°56.832048' E13°42.702024')

Entry fee: 130 EUR (valid only in case of pre-payment over PayPal)
Transport to take off: 30 EUR
Retrieval: 30 EUR

Entry fee payment: PayPal payment for reduced entry fee is valid until August 10th, 2020, later on, the entry fee is 150 EUR at pilots registration on the competition
Pre-payment refund: the refund will be done only if competition will be cancelled before it even starts. The refund amount is 10 EUR.

Competition schedule

   August 16th at 17:00: Registration
   August 17th – 21st: Competition days
   August 21st evening: Closing ceremony
   August 22nd competition day and closing ceremony (only if comp is not valid yet on August 21st)

Daily schedule:

   9:00: Information on daily flying, published on News on web site and in HQ
   12:00: Pilot's briefing on the launch
   18:00: Last landing
   18:15: Report back deadline

General rules

All matters about flying are based on FAI/CIVL Sporting Code (General Section in Section 7) and Slovenian rule book for hang gliding national championships. Competition has FAI class 2 ranking (O1, Sport class), thus FAI sporting licence for an equivalent class is mandatory. The competitor is attending and competing on his own responsibility, which he/she confirms by signing a waiver provided by the organizer at registration.

Flying is on pilots own responsibility and driven by pilots own wish for flying.

Entry fee includes: Info folder, a souvenir with competition logo, lunch packet, closing ceremony, GPS data management, weather forecasts, take-off and landing fees.


   Money prizes for category top 3 overall (O1) at the end of competition has a budget of 20% of paid pilot entry fees. Medals and other practical prizes. 
   Medals for top 3 overall (O1) class and money prizes for the top 3.
   Medals for top 3 Sport class.
   Medals for Slovenian national competition class (O1)