Dear Competitors!

Despite the current epidemiological situation, we are optimistic that we will be able to carry out the competition in the third week of August 2021. The registration for Kobala Open 2021 is now active We kindly invite you to come to Tolmin this summer.
Organization Team of Kobala Open

The weather forecast looked promising, but did not turned out as planned. We had a task of 76km, first one to reach the goal was Balazs Ujhelyi. Congratulations!
At 20:00 we will be having a closing ceremony at Kobala Center. You are invited! 

11100823_R – kopija.jpg

We had an another succesful task of 73km! First one to reach the goal was Franc Peternel and only a second after him Balazs Ujhelyi.
11101070_R – kopija.jpg

The weather forecast looks promising. T-shirts and lunch packets are given out at the Kobala Center at 9:30. Departure to Kobala at 10 o'clock.

Yesterday was a very successful day. Despite the forecast, the weather offered us an excellent day to compose the task. Stanislav Galovec managed to collect 1000 points, congratulations!

Dear competitors!
The weather forecast for tomorrow, 18.8. is not suitable for flying (rain). Lunch packets will be given out at 9:30.
Therefore we decided to invite you to the opening ceremony of Kobala Open 2020. We plan to gather at Kobala Center at 18:00.  
Hope to see you there!
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