Dear pilots!

Due to bad weather conditions, we decided to cancel todays task. Lunch packet can be claimed at Kobala Center. 

In case, that tomorrows task is cancelled yet again, we are going to conduct the prize giving ceremony after the morning's briefing at 9:30 in Kobala Center. 

Kobala Open Team 2019

Dear competitors!

Due to bad weather forecast we've decided to cancel todays task. Therefore the lunch packets are available at Kobala Center.

At 7pm we are organizing a dinner for all the pilots at Kobala Center. See you there! 

Kobala Open Team

Dear competitors!

The second day of flying ended with exceptional results. 17 pilots landed in goal despite a 90 kilometer task. The first to reach the goal was a Slovenian pilot named Peter Kejžar. We congratulate you for this achievement.C53_190818_024_j – s.jpg

Tomorrow all pilots should come to Kobala center at 9:30.

We wish you a good night's sleep.

Dear competitors!

Congratulatins for the successful first day of flying.

There was only 1 in goal, an UKrainian pilot Evgen

Those of you who have transport to the take-off should come to Kobala center at 9:30 am.
The first briefing at Kobala will be at 12:00.

Good night

Dear competitors!

We decided to extend the registration.Tomorrow between 9am and 10am you can register at Kobala Center Competition Office. We will be handing out lunch packets during the registration. We gather at Kobala Info Center (Tolmin) at 10am and soon after we take off to Kobala. Briefing at Kobala will be at approximately 12 o'clock.

We wish you a good night

Welcome, pilots!

Weather forecast looks promising. We are starting with registration tomorrow, at 5 pm at Kobala Info Center in Tolmin.

See you!

Kobala Open Team